so here we are again.


It’s because I am petite and Asian that this happens to me all the time.  It’s because I don’t walk “butch” enough that this happens to me all the time.

Yes, boys and girls…last night I was flashed again.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  It happened around 8:30pm while I was on my way home from a friend’s house.  It occurred around 19th and St. George Street, and the flasher this time was an Asian male jogger with slightly darker skin, about mid 40s.  When I saw him, my guard was up and I tried my best to remember certain things about this man.  He jogged past me when I turned up on 19th.  But then he did a turn and jogged up 19th too.  My heart started to beat faster, as I knew this would be nothing but trouble.  His fucking shorts were so short you could see his ass cheeks.   He stopped at Prince Edward Street (I was half a block away from him) with his back turned to me, jogging on the spot.  And then he started half-jogging towards me, down the block and as he was closer, I noticed flesh where it should’ve been black (as that was the colour of his shorts), and he stared right at me with these hollow eyes.
All I could think to myself was, “I WAS JUST FLASHED AGAIN???  SERIOUSLY?? SERIOUSLY??” and all the anger rose from my body and out of my mouth as I screamed at him and swung my bag, hitting his back.

I called the police this time, and two officers came to my apartment twenty minutes later to take a statement and description.  This is when the male officer tells me that because I am Asian and petite, the likelihood of me getting raped are really high; I am a perfect victim.  The female officer suggests that I walk with a more “butch” stance in some attempt to ward off future incidents.

I have no control over my height and my ethnicity.  I walk like a normal person – someone with a destination.  Was I dressed in any way that would seem enticing to a male?  I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  Why don’t you walk on the busy streets?  Let me remind you that I have been flashed both on Broadway and Main Street.  You shouldn’t walk alone at night.  It was fucking 8:30pm with plenty of light still.

So now what?
This morning I walked my usual route to work, and when I got to St. George Street, my feet froze.  My stomach started to churn and last night’s incident began to play in my head over and over.  I started to panic and tears began to run down my cheeks.  For whatever reason, this particular incident has really gotten to me.  He looks like a dad.  He reminds me of a regular customer at work (it’s not him).  The man never said anything to me, but the fact that he looked right at me, and the fact that he was really close to me – I can’t get his face out of my head.
I spent the majority of today on edge, stopping to pretend to use my phone, or crossing the street when a lone male would be headed my direction.

What am I supposed to do?  Sure, bear mace is fine, but would I actually use it?  Would I remember?  I’m surprised that I actually hit him this time.  I’m surprised that as each incident occurs, my anger overpowers the fear in me, and I begin to fight back.

But really, I just want it to stop.

Sidenote: I’m thinking bodyguard.  I pay in baked goods.


4 Responses to “so here we are again.”

  1. 1 evan

    set up some sort of trap…

    wait at his usual haunts until he jogs by, lure him into some sort of leg snare, and then stick two cans of aerosol cheese spray up both nostrils and empty the cans. take the empty cans, and sodomize him.

  2. 2 ST

    Wow. That is crazy! I can’t wait to live in the hood. . . .
    But seriously, equip yourself with some mace, that’s how I roll. (and a knife).
    It was the same dude as last time? What a creepy fatherfucker!

    • 3 lazybirds

      it wasn’t the same guy. INCIDENTLY, I was on (at?) Granville Island today, and was about to go to the bathroom at Net Loft, when I saw this chubby Asian guy. My heart just leapt – I swear that chubby guy was flasher number three. I tried walking outside as calmly as I could, and I turned and looked at him once more. It totally looked like him! I ran outside and started crying.
      Jesus fucking Christ.

  3. 4 Jen

    Good God…

    I’m so sorry Erica!

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