i’ve got the hang of it now…



           The close contact of bodies made me feel uncomfortable; I never knew what to do with my hands.  Do I go for a rub or would it be better to just give a pat; or do I do nothing, leaving my hands at my side, making the hugger handle most of the work?  My mother hugged me once and it was most awkward thirty seconds ever.  Both of us didn’t know what to do.  She inched closer to me, while I stood there, frozen.  Her skinny frame attempted to press against mine.  Her wiry (from over-dying) burnt sienna hair stabbed my forehead.  She gave me two rough pats on the back, using the palms of her hands to their full potential, then stepped back.  We both looked at each other in slight amusement, passing back glances that read, “Let’s not do this ever again; nor shall we speak of this strange embrace.”

This is an excerpt of my second story for the creative non-fiction writing class I am currently taking.  This particular scene was a favourite among my classmates. If you want to read the full story (when I’m done…the first draft is pretty fucking rough; the final copy will be due next Thursday), feel free to email me at lazybirds at hotmail or message me on facebook or whatever.


2 Responses to “i’ve got the hang of it now…”

  1. 1 sierra

    “sierra” should be “sienna”

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